Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dn-ezr 709feb4252 add support to constant 6 months ago
  dn-ezr e1bd917734 Fix some bug in syntax parser 6 months ago
  dn-ezr eee3f708b4 more backend 6 months ago
  dn-ezr 19727947c5 more backend 6 months ago
  dn-ezr 1404d382c0 more backend 6 months ago
  dn-ezr 497b92d54f add support to value, finish more bachend 6 months ago
  dn-ezr 56e2841689 add support to type matching and converting 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 703ef6f15f fix bug where crash when change signature or entry 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 8d7c845b1f Fix bug where searching module causes loop searching 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 43f520c546 change the storage stratgy for param list and eleent 7 months ago
  dn-ezr a7a815ddb3 fix much bugs, add support to optional for statement 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 782304ad60 add support to template usage 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 19df4a4e40 add support to clone for all syntax structures 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 86a302cab8 fix bug where bad cache file causes bad diagnostic 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 0883363525 Add support to more semantic validation 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 00adeb44b6 Add support to more semantic validation 7 months ago
  dn-ezr ad61cebf48 Finish the Reach method, not tested yet 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 64664eeba2 clear workspace, modify some method in aircontext 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 4cfb263447 Add support to object file generating 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 54ee1b3813 fix some bug where package mananging error 7 months ago
  dn-ezr 1d342e691f fix bug where expr::etype forgetten 8 months ago
  dn-ezr 49c0d88fcf fix some bug where expression parsing error 8 months ago
  dn-ezr fe671d4f83 add support to package-id syntax 8 months ago
  dn-ezr d263b99a80 complet most of the syntax parser 8 months ago
  dn-ezr 064f7f81e5 Fix bugs where the compiler crash or lose informatons 8 months ago
  dn-ezr 41be785e4e add support to Sock communicator and support extension 8 months ago
  dn-ezr 8b40d3571e this commit is used to save project before trying to introduce the AIP module 9 months ago
  dn-ezr b0700b8dc2 Add support to air, start the syntax module 9 months ago
  dn-ezr dfd3796b73 Add an abstract layer called 'CompilerContext' to manage compiling resources 9 months ago
  dn-ezr 9aacd72d82 Delete files uploaded by mistakes 9 months ago